This policy covers the cost of claims made by public/third parties for incidents that occur in connection with your business activities. This insurance covers the cost of compensation for: personal injuries, death to third parties and loss of or damage to third party property.

While public liability insurance is not a legal requirement for some businesses, it should be considered essential if members of the public will be on your premises.  Even if your businesses is home based, you should consider taking public liability insurance.


This insurance cover provides indemnity against  your Legal Liability towards third parties in respect of

  • Accidental death or bodily injury
  • Accidental loss of or damage to material property

Caused by goods or products manufactured, constructed, altered, repaired, serviced, treated, sold, supplied or distributed by the insured but only after such goods have ceased to be in possession or under the control of the insured.  This policy can be issued to any business, be it manufacturers, retailers or traders.

Territorial Limits: Kenya only.

Professional Indemnity

Your customers might rely on your professional expertise and if the outcome is different from what was expected, they might make a claim against you if they believe that you or one of your employees were negligent and are responsible for a breach of professional duty.

The court case that will ensue may be of considerable financial consequences, in terms of legal fees and court awards. To prevent such a scenario from arising, we have the professional indemnity insurance which will protect your business from bearing these costs.

We will provide you with a tailor-made cover with limits (per claim as well as in aggregate) and excess as requested.

Moreover, we will also provide the policy for a fixed duration (a one-off policy) if you require protection for a specific project only.


The Work Injury Benefit Act (WIBA) Insurance aims to cover all employees against work related injuries. This is a mandatory cover and all employers must obtain and maintain an insurance policy.

The Act provides for compensation to employees for work related injuries and diseases contracted in the course of their employment and for connected purposes.

Benefits of WIBA

Death Benefit: Payable to beneficiaries in the event the insured dies due to the injury.

Permanent Disability: pays for permanent disability as per the Act

Temporary Total/Partial Disablement Benefit: This is given to employees who suffer temporary or total disablement that incapacitates him/her for three or more days.

Medical Expenses Benefit: The employee is compensated for any expenses reasonably incurred in an accident and covers dental, hospital treatment, surgical dressings, drugs, skilled nursing services, travelling and subsistence as well as supply, maintenance and replacement of artificial limbs, clutches and others.

Funeral Expenses Benefit: The employer is liable to pay for reasonable funeral expenses.

Employer's Liability

In the event any settlement/compensation under The Work Injury Benefit Act (WIBA) leaves the injured employee/claimant dissatisfied, the employer may be sued for further compensation.  In such an event, the employer’s liability insurance shall defend the suit and bear all the legal expenses the employer may incur including indemnifying for any liability attaching to the insured, subsequently.

Directors and Officers Liability

This policy covers the insured company against legal liability for loss/damage resulting from any wrongful act of their staff in their capacity as director, officer or employee of the company except as specifically excluded.

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